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  7. Comme des garçons, 1988

    “Of course there are business as well as creative reasons for the Comme des Garçons style. The point of a remarkable interior is to evoke such a strong sense of identity that even the most humble purchase - a belt or a pair of socks - brings with it some of that underlying identity. The contrast between the textures of the garments, hanging on neatly spaced racks that read like sculptural elements and the cement wall is all part of the establishment of the uniqueness of the Comme des Garçons label. To put too many garments on display can diminish their impact, hence the company’s first Paris shop had on show less than half the stock a conventional high-fashion retailer would have installed. In environments with so few distractions, the customer can hardly fail to be aware of the subtle qualities of the clothes.”

    scan from rei kawakubo and comme des garçons

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  10. arqsa:

    by Steven Fudge